added language filter in column setting.
language code can be choose from presets, or input custom language code.
you can export/import filter setting, that allows to reuse settings between some columns.

update translator's list in "about this app" screen.

Dear translators, please let me know your fediverse acct.

's Active install devices count by country in recent days. There is no impact from anything.

It is transition of the number of active installation devices of ST. Slightly increased due to the end of service of other apps. Most of them are from Japan. Usage from countries other than Japan was 26.25% at the end of June and 27.78% recently. It increased by about 1.5%. I think that almost there is no influence of Gab.


Playストアのランキングで色々条件を絞り込むと(ここ大事)、 がソーシャルネットアプリのスマホ用急上昇4位、タブレット用急上昇2位にランクインしてます。タブレットUIは競争相手が少ない…?


Subway Tooter 2.3.3 ※互換性のない変更

※ 互換性のない変更 ※

次バージョンでホームカラムの設定に「通常トゥートを表示しない」が追加されます。例えばホームを二つ表示してブーストなしと通常なしに分けると巡回が捗ります Mastodon サービス