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@ButterflyOfFire @href
first, app send "GET /api/v1/push/subscription" and server returns 500. app can't get current push subscription status.
then app send "POST /api/v1/push/subscription" to create/update subscription. server returns 200, update was succeeded.

I think the server should return current subscription status for "GET /api/v1/push/subscription". then the app can skip update because app known current status.


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dev said " is Client applications that are known to work well" in early stage.
Then they drops compatibility with Mastodon API. Then Pleroma users send claims to .

ST's dev have not been involved at all from the beginning.
It's very annoying.

Pleroma users do not send issues to ST's repository.
Currently I do not keep track of Pleroma's problem, so I have no idea about issues between ST and Pleroma.

@GoatsLive @switchingsocial @JPEG @tom79 @tootapp @Tusky
Once upon a while I used APIs from Imgur and Twitter with different apps. But they charged or abolished the API. I am tired of collaborating with non-open services.
also, IFTTT is mainly suitable for activities on the network. There is no reason to work with mobile client app. ( maybe Tasker is welcome.)

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