@vamp898 Even I don't know,but I feel its words is good.
Is this a vouncher?

Yes, I can use it like it's cash to pay in several stores in Germany including sushi circle (what I will use it for)

@vamp898 I see. I have never used it, but it seems convenient.
Sushi circle? Is sushi popular in Germany?

I think so, yes. You can buy sushi in almost every store and lot of restaurants have it.

Sushi Circle is a specialized company for sushi, they have the biggest variety

This here is a selection of what they offer (depending on which store you go to, they have much more)


@vamp898 Really? I only see sushi when going to a specialized stop,so I even think sushi is from Germany,not Japan.
I watched the website. I surprised at the variety of sushi! These sushi looks delicious.

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