@yesfreenet капча про финских снайперов зачётнее. :)

@tateisu Great we now need to be electronics experts

red red black = 220 ohm resistor

@zleap @tateisu Easier to be an electronics expert than an expert on the US urban landscape; at least there are books on electronics…

@tateisu the only resisting I know of is resisting from rape.
And that's a federal crime in my world

@tateisu If the white line between field 2 and 3 is blocking a black line, I think this might be the only one where 220 ohm resistors might be

@masterki @tateisu Yes, you are right. And also I didn't mean a black line but a brown line, but you get my point

image description 

@tateisu It's one of those captchas going "Please select all squares with 220Ω resistors" The resistance of resisitors, that are rather small components, is marked by a code of colored lines on the resistor. The images below appear to be one big picture of a PCB board absolutely packed with resistors.

Get ready for the same version in SMD (surface mounted device) component:

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