#RadioLockdown is a threat for user freedom on smartphones, routers and many more devices. But by Monday, you can give your feedback to the #EUCommission.

It's important to show that we care about freedom! Participating is not hard, all info here: blog.mehl.mx/2019/protect-free


That doesnt make sense. Most Android Developers _have_ to run AOSP in order to check if their code is working. They need Developer Build and other stuff on their phone. If you change some lines of code, how are you supposed to know if it works without applying it to a phone?

This law would make Android Development completely impossible, so how is that supposed to work?

@vamp898 One of the many questions that come up. It makes development, especially in the Free Software field, really hard. Manufacturers would have to impose barriers that nobody wants. Please participate in the consultation to express your worries!

I can't give feedback. It seems like lots of people register there using spam and honeypot adresses, this caused the EU Servers to be listed on DNS RBLs, so their email which allows me to proceed my registering is getting blocked.

That tells a lot about the people giving feedback there.

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